Vision / Mission Statement

Providence Reformed Church

Henderson, NV

Vision Statement

“Abiding in Christ for the glory of God” (John 15).

Mission Statement

“By the grace of God, Providence Reformed Church is a family of believers dedicated to His glory, the spiritual growth of His people, and making disciples for Christ.”


  • By the grace of God
    • The grace of God is His free and sovereign gift to save and sanctify all believers.
    • It is the means by which we are able to accomplish His mandate to honor Him in all things.
  • Family of believers
    • We are a people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and gifts, reconciled by Christ to God and to each other.
    • We are committed to mutual support through prayer, fellowship, and caring for one another.
    • Therefore, we are united in purpose to glorify Christ in our lives together.
  • Dedicated to His glory
    • We acknowledge God’s sovereignty over all creation.
    • We desire to make His great name known to all people; He alone is worthy of worship.
  • Dedicated to the spiritual growth of His people
    • Teaching the Word
      • We practice the expositional preaching of the word, small group Bible studies, fellowships, and Sunday school.
    • Prayer
      • We spend time corporately and individually praising God, giving thanks to God for His goodness and mercy, confessing our sins, and petitioning for our needs and for the world.
    • Worship
      • We spend time corporately and individually glorifying God in songs and hymns, scripture readings, confessional statements, giving of tithes and offerings, and the celebration of communion.
    • Service
      • We engage in good works to meet needs, both inside and outside the church family.
    • Making disciples for Christ
      • We follow the ordinance of baptism as a sign of salvation and obedience to Christ.
      • We strive to live godly lives in obedience to the commands in His Word.
      • We are committed to equipping each other for good works.
      • We are committed to being held accountable to one another under the authority of God’s Word.
      • We are committed to advancing the gospel in our families, communities, cities, nation, and world by personal evangelism, prayer, financial support, and sending missionaries.