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Religion: Muslim 53% Christian 36%

Chad is rich in both gold and uranium, but most of its citizens rely on subsistence farming and livestock. The country’s mineral wealth along with recent oil-exporting ability may help improve the country’s economic situation which is marred by corruption, a poor infrastructure and internal conflict. Chad also hosts large numbers of refugees from Central African Republic and Sudan. Muslims make up just over half the population and control most aspects of government and business. The country remains a secular state, and its people enjoy religious freedom. Islam continues to grow, and there are many Muslim schools and mosques being built in predominantly Christian communities, causing concerns that tensions may spill into violence.

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Answer to Prayer

The number of Muslims seeking to know more of Christ continues to grow. Groups of believers from Muslim backgrounds are slowly beginning to multiply. The development of culturally helpful resources such as chronological Bible storying and Chadian Arabic Christian radio makes a huge difference.

Challenge for Prayer

The ascendancy of Islam has increased in the last three decades. Its numerical, financial and social advantages are used to consolidate its dominant position, and animist peoples are being steadily Islamized. Increasing numbers of Muslim northerners are found in the south, with mosques and Muslim schools built in predominantly Christian areas to serve them. Pray for:

a) The overcoming of many emotional, cultural and historical barriers to southerners witnessing to Muslims. Most Christians are ill-equipped and somewhat ill-disposed when it comes to sharing the gospel with Muslims, since they are used to operating in tribal languages and ministering to animist peoples. Many resent and fear the economic impact and influence of northern Muslim traders and the environmental impact of northern Muslim herdsmen and their herds.

b) Agencies and denominations that have a vision for Muslim outreach. Other, usually more urgent, issues tend to be higher on the agendas of national churches. But the long-term strategic importance of equipping the Church to withstand Islamization and to reach out to Muslims cannot be overstated. Mobilization and training in how to sensitively and effectively reach Muslims are clear needs; pray for Christians to be burdened for the salvation of their Muslim countrymen.

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